Macapa’ Transition Kite Camp

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Very happy for the way this bidi to mono-directional transition camp is running!

Great location, great group of 5 super motivated guys, and absolutely blessed conditions for training!


First 2 days of training on flat water, right in front of BeeKite kite center, getting used to mono-directional stance, control and basic manoeuvres, as jibe and tacks…


Then we finally started to deal with waveriding yesterday with a 15km downwind, started on flat and ended into a one and a half meters waves, and today spending the morning in a wave spot not too far from the school…

The guys are doing great thanks to their strong motivation, most of them controlling already tacks and jibes after only 2 days of tough practicing… I’m quite impressed of results reached in such a short time…

Tomorrow is the last day… the plan is a discovery trip… let’s see how it goes!

Here the shot of the day taken during the afternoon training on flat water again:

No doubts… the guys have control!

stay tuned for Camp Video Report!






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  1. nice images NDÝ …must have been a great time !!!

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