After few days training with this new entry product in the RRD kite boards line I feel ready to leave my ideas… One thing above all: it’s really a lot of fun! This shape just make things easier.

Two things I was concerned about, before I gave it a try…

First: the nose cut off. I was thinking it would have made steeper re-entry after top turns more complicated… I surprisingly realized that there’s no problem at all! It seems that the new “no nose” shape does help instead: it doesn’t stick in and it does float even more once it touch down on the wave face again.

Second: the size. I went down to the 5’2″ (as advised from the guys in Grosseto) coming from Maquina 5’7″ (favorite board and size that I would have brought in these waves) and I was wondering that it could have been too small. Another wrong idea. Volume distribution, wide nose and wide tail, width and thickness, it all makes the board bouyancy more than enough for my 68kgs. Now I even think a smaller one (maybe just a litter thinner) could do for my size. But this is an impression that I need to double check with light wind, the few days I could ride it’s been just blasting. In any case, no need of ¬†hesitation in dropping down size when choosing this board!

What really amazed me is the facility it has in speeding up through sections making it possible to keep riding after long close outs without making big efforts in pumping the board or flying the kite like crazy.

I believe what makes the board really forgiving is its wide tail and probably those tail channels on the bottom, you really have the feeling that you can hazard more due to the nice grip and the stability you achieve during bottom turns.

Such a wider tail offers more options for back foot positioning, not really lengthwise (the board is so short that it’s not difficult to find your back foot on the pad kick) but sidewise, this is probably the main technical aspect for a shape that’s generally easy and instinctive; failing on working on that back foot positioning can waste a lot of the board potential for curving.

Personally the best feeling I had was during the back side top turn (not my side on this waves being a regular stance), maybe it’s again because of the wide tail, but it does feel a lot comfortable.

And yep… floaters are super controllable, never felt as sweet as with this kind of “skateboard” shape, it all seems very balanced.

I do believe what few ones have already¬†claimed : “this is the shape of the future for wavekiting“, and I do believe that this is just the beginning! For sure there will be a lot to try, thickness distribution, nose and tail width, hull shape, fins positioning…

Nevertheless, to be just the first make in RRD, it’s a really nice toy, it’s not going to miss in my quiver!

Just go and try it out!

feedbacks and comments are welcomed…


photo courtesy:

Tatiana PerfectLazybones

Sergey Chernov